Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Artist: Brett Donahue

This post is a long time in coming. Brett let me borrow his beautiful book a month ago so I could scan some pages to include on the blog. I'm excited to finally be sharing his lovely images.

Brett is sort of a modern day Renaissance man and his interest in literature, painting and music is evident in his work.  Brett uses color and symbols to tie his book together both formally as well as thematically. I love the painterly approach of his watercolor, acrylic and ink mark making - all of which add an anachronistic feeling to his book. (His drawing and painting is reminiscent of artwork from the 60's and reminds me of the elegantly simple images created by Paul Klee.) Brett's book is very literary and he includes both text from the original manuscript and his own writing to add meaning (or mystery?) to his work. Brett also includes many interactive elements in his book - tip-ins, pull-outs and other hidden images and words that sadly, are not able to be experienced on a blog. You'll just have to find Brett and ask to see his book yourself. Until you are lucky enough to do so, please enjoy these beautiful samples from his book.